We're a non-profit organization on a mission to meet

the needs of Iranian refugees around the world.

    I.R.R's Misssion    


Iranian Refugee Relief's mission is to help and support all Iranian refugees around the world who left their homeland and jeopardizing their lives to seek asylum in a free country where they are not questioned because of their natural beliefs. Islamic Republic of Iran is one of the countries with most execution and prisoners ranking in the world. Many Iranian just loose their lives because of their political perspectives or having a religion rather than Islam. Since Turkey has common border with Iran, it became the main road for Iranian refugees to get to a safer place. After refugees apply for asylum in Turkey with U.N they never receive any help to satisfy their basic needs from either U.N or Turkish government. The waiting time for refugees varies, but in most cases it takes from 2 to 5 years to be accepted by a third country as a refugee. Under this situation many men, women, and childeren's basic needs are not met and live in a very poor condition.

As a result, Pastor Reza Safa the founder of I.R.R is determined to put all his effort to help all those Iranian refugees who are in need. But there is no doubt this will not be possible without other's support. So I.R.R sincerely appreciates your support and we hope you also take a step with us toward helping other human beings.


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